Six Bends represents the newest Harley-Davidson® destination offered by Scott Fischer Enterprises (SFE). But, at 16.5 acres, it's far more than just a store.

Six Bends is a destination unlike any other in Southwest Florida. Offering a state-of-the-art 54,000 square foot store and onsite Riding Academy®, it's a Harley enthusiast's dream. With Top Rocker Field, an event venue with capacity for 5,000 people, The Plaza, The Pit, and a planned mixed-use commercial space with restaurants, retail and offices - it's also a
lifestyle center.

Six Bends is a place to create an experience, to find yourself, or your perfect bike. A place to take in a concert at Top Rocker Field, enjoy live entertainment in The Plaza or to relax
at The Pit.

Riding is about freedom and individuality. Six Bends personifies that at its very core, beginning with the name that refers to customized handlebars.

Ground will soon be broken again on the 16.5-acre project, located near Interstate 75 and Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers to create phase II, an additional 37,000 square feet of mixed-use space. Made up of four, two-story buildings aligned together, it will host restaurants, a brewery, retail shops and professional service businesses, creating an atmosphere unlike anything else in Southwest Florida.

Great care was given to the architectural styling, with the your experience in mind. Enjoy lighted terraces, covered walkways, outdoor dining and numerous entertaining spaces throughout the property.

Six Bends was designed for people of all ages to enjoy it and to stand out as a destination for residents and visitors alike. Space is available for lease ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet. For leasing information please visit LeaseSixBends.com.

The Lore of Six Bends

The term "six bends" refers to a six bend handlebar, which is a part of some customized motorcycles. As with virtually all parts of a Harley-Davidson®, the handlebars are customizable and unique to the rider. SFE Feels strongly that each rider in the motorcycle community is unique, but bound together by the passion for riding that they share. Six Bends is a community for riders, and for non-riders to enjoy themselves, events, and patronize other local businesses.